Taking a break

I plan to take a break from posting the doings on Pine Street for about a month. There are two more episodes of Pine Street coming, October 20 and 27.

Then, during November, I’ll use National Novel Writing Month to help meet goals for producing some new longer work. Then, as we head toward the holidays, we’ll go back to Pine Street in December.

Our friends Franny, Leo, Allison, Kassandra, David, and Douglas – and Precious the dog, of course – will spend November the way they always do: muddling forward, caring for one another, making mistakes, living life. In December, maybe we’ll find out why Kassandra has a strange connection to David. (Or maybe it’s the other way around?) We’ll discover a new character or two, probably, as Pine Street, like every other street, is never the same two days in a row.

Meanwhile, some other old friends (characters) from an old story are feeling the pull to get back into action. There’s stuff going on in their universe, and they are needed. There might just be new worlds to be saved.

In my imagination, at least.



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