Remember this? April 1, 2013

An Alien’s Guide to World Domination was published on April 1, 2013. Although it is now in its terrible threes (as stubborn and contrary as any three-year-old you know), on the day it was published, I posted this:

Since An Alien’s Guide went on sale this morning:
Cyprus restored its economy, and prosperity is breaking out in Greece, Spain, Italy, too.
Peace was declared in the Middle East.
Disease, pestilence, and poverty – all eradicated.
Your mother decided your hairstyle “suits you perfectly” and she wants to borrow that new blouse.
Politicians the world over began a wave of truth-telling, and all took a pay cut.
Everyone agreed to give up their cars. After all, if you can’t walk or ride your bicycle there, it’s not worth going.
Airlines added legroom. And your second bag is not only free, they will give you a $50 credit if you stow your carry-on above your own dang seat, instead of at the front of the plane.
All shelter animals were adopted by caring, kind people who know just how lucky they are.

And, as it happens, in today’s April 1, 2016 news, I just read this:

The U.S has called off its presidential election for this year. The people rose up and decided they wanted to leave all the decision-making power in the hands of their great-aunties.

“I mean, after all – they give the best advice, and cook the best food, and anyone who can crochet a doily set for an armchair in thirty minutes or less, well, that is the person whose hand I want on the tiller, steering the ship of state,” said the spokesperson for OccupyEverythingEspeciallyMyGreatAunt’sCookieTins. “Now, where are those peanut-butter cookies?”

Could that be related to the appearance of Aunt Emma in An Alien’s Guide, which just shot to the top of the NYT Best Seller list, despite having no sales at Amazon?

Or is it still all a coincidence…????

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