In praise of public libraries

My contribution to The Writers’ Vineyard this month celebrates National Library Week, public libraries, and librarians.

One rite of passage in my small-town kindergarten was a field trip to the public library. I remember almost nothing about that trip except for one glowing moment: signing my name, in recently-learned cursive, on my very first library card. It would take another dozen years or so for me to finally get my driver’s license, and the freedom represented by being able to drive still had (still has) nothing on the freedom of being able to travel the universe of books which called to my five-year-old self that day.

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2 thoughts on “In praise of public libraries

  1. I love my local library. I often dash in and grab several books on a subject new to me, scan some, take some back, grab some more on another tangent…..and so on.


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