Joining the conversation

It was the weekend of Martin Luther King Jr day in 2008 when a conversation with a friend sparked what would become An Alien’s Guide to World Domination. 

We pondered the meaning of a holiday devoted to a complicated human who, nonetheless, consistently spoke of peace and love.

We wondered if there were ways to celebrate that message other than participating in sales of major electronics and other goods.

We talked about the bigger conversation, about equality and nonviolence and the aspirations of every person to live in peace.

In many ways, that weekend marks the turning point in my creative life, when I allowed the desire to participate in the larger conversation to steer, instead of follow.

Eight years later, I am more convinced than ever that human creativity in the service of loving kindness is our best, perhaps only, way forward.

To honor Dr. King, please share your creativity with the world today. Make something beautiful. Speak something loving. Sing or play something joyful.

Join the conversation.

MLK Jr. : Love is the most durable power in the world.

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