Stories of luck, life, and love

This month kicks off two new features here on Point No Point: Thirteen Good Luck Stories, on the 13th of each month, and Fictional Lessons for All-Too-Real Life, on the 30th of each month. "Every day, good luck comes in the strangest of ways." This line from a song by British singer-songwriter-slide guitar master Chris … Continue reading Stories of luck, life, and love

Worlds of the Imagination – Guest Blogger

Today, I'm hosted by some of the lovely writers, imagination pioneers, and fellow Champagne Book Group authors over at their blog Worlds of the Imagination. Take a gander, and check out their work while you're there! Here's a teaser: Suddenly the story came to life, and I began to explore the ways science fiction and … Continue reading Worlds of the Imagination – Guest Blogger

Memory, Today

Memorial Day reminds us all of some of the more important qualities of memory. I attended a reading by author and Honorary Consul General Helen Szablya recently; she and her family escaped Hungary as the Soviets were crushing the people's uprising in the 1950's. The terror of their escape still present in her eyes, Mrs. … Continue reading Memory, Today