Stories of luck, life, and love

This month kicks off two new features here on Point No Point: Thirteen Good Luck Stories, on the 13th of each month, and Fictional Lessons for All-Too-Real Life, on the 30th of each month.

“Every day, good luck comes in the strangest of ways.”
This line from a song by British singer-songwriter-slide guitar master Chris Rea has served as my motto and aspiration for the last several years. Starting on lucky Friday the 13th of September, each month I’ll post a story of how luck moves in mysterious ways in all our lives.

“Fiction, the other white lie.”
I love the idea that stories incorporating elements of fantasy, paranormal, sci-fi, and really all kinds of fiction, provide us with alternative means of exploring the deeper realities of human experience.  I’ll devote the 30th of each month to this theme.

The best part of all is that beginning in October, these two features will host terrific fellow authors, artists, and thinkers, all people I’ve invited because I know and trust the quality of their work. On October 13, welcome distinguished author Jane Toombs, who has published nearly 100 books in romance, mystery, fantasy, and horror, with her story of good luck. And on October 30, Diana Green, author of New Sion, The Song of Sehdra Mor, and The Dream Seller’s Wares, shares a life lesson or two taught by fiction.

As each story appears, please share your own thoughts, responses, and good luck tales in the comments.

Lucky Friday the 13th

September, though, is mine. And on this lucky Friday the 13th, I’ll celebrate the luckiest event in my family’s year – the wedding of my brother to his true love, taking place at sunset tonight, as they stand together with friends and family in a beautiful mineral lake. Mark and Deanna are people of astonishing talent, generosity, and humor, who deserve to have the good luck that brought them together dance with them for the rest of their lives.

In their honor, an ode to luck and love.

Luck Holds You Today

Sunset on the lake where Mark & Deanna will celebrate their wedding

Sunset on the lake where Mark & Deanna will celebrate their wedding

They say you make your own luck; the gods help those who help themselves.

They say lift your weight up; pull those strings and bootstraps yourself.

But I look and you and wonder: maybe fate stepped in to help?

They say you make your own love; only you can open your own heart.

They say you have to want it; push yourself out there, hit restart.

But I look at you and wonder: maybe luck reached out her hand?

That lucky day you found her-

That lucky day she said yes-

That lucky day you held her-

This lucky day she’s yours.

They say you make your own luck; but I look at you two, and know.

It’s true you make your own love, and luck holds you today.

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