Follow Guinn’s Life and Death

I'm posting the NaNoWriMo story as I go, every other day or so. You can read along here. Dang, this is fun. November 8: Getting caught up - I posted another couple of episodes. I have some serious cleaning up to do of the sections I wrote in Ballard's Old Pequliar pub. (No further comment.) … Continue reading Follow Guinn’s Life and Death

Warning: NaNoWriMo Dead Ahead

National Novel Writing Month starts November 1. The commitment: write fifty-thousand words in thirty days. The insanity for which one should be committed: agreeing to write fifty-thousand words in thirty days. Last year's┬átale, You Jane, is coming down from this site's NaNoWriMo Story page on Sunday, October 23. The great empty space that will be … Continue reading Warning: NaNoWriMo Dead Ahead