Follow Guinn’s Life and Death

I’m posting the NaNoWriMo story as I go, every other day or so. You can read along here.

Dang, this is fun.

November 8: Getting caught up – I posted another couple of episodes. I have some serious cleaning up to do of the sections I wrote in Ballard’s Old Pequliar pub. (No further comment.) Then I’ll post those too.

November 10: Um… what I meant was I had to clean up the typos, not the content. No, really. So that’s done, and posted. And now I have no idea how this story’s going to end. Do any of you???

November 14: I’ve posted the latest installment. Just about 30,000 words and The Big Secret has been revealed… so now what? It sure as Hell beats me.

November 17: 36,000 words. The pace is slower but maybe that’s the best way to get everyone on the Road to Hell… slowly. And that’s where they are now. Thank goodness they have a good dog with them.

November 21: 44,400 words. Our friends are now stuck in a fortress in Hell that looks a lot like a suburban Home Depot. Makes you wonder… And in just over five thousand words, give or take, I need to get them out, finish their quest, and bring some kind of nice tidy ending.

Or not. Life doesn’t ever have nice tidy endings, does it? Bwaa-ha-ha-ha-ha…

November 23: Well. Who knew the Devil would turn up? Who’s ready for an Epic Battle Between Good and Evil?

Not me. But that’s what has to be written, somehow, I guess. Like Guinn, I’m just a pawn in this Game.

November 29: Yes. There. Are. Now. Fifty-thousand, two-hundred, and eight words according to the Official Word Count Validator.


Most of the last few hundred suck, and there’s another few hundred to go to finish the Epic Battle, and complete the Untidy Ending. So thanks for your patience while I take a deep breath, eat something (like I ever stopped eating to write…hah), and finish up before I post the rest.

What a trip. 🙂

December 4:

I’ve finally posted the ending… although I hope you won’t think of it as The End.

This story was a joy to write, even when it surprised me and annoyed the Hell out of me by taking several unexpected turns. It needs a lot of work to become a “real” and polished novel, and I’m excited to take it on over the next few months. Along with last year’s story, You Jane, I’m planning to get Guinn ready for the Pacific Northwest Writers’ Association conference next summer, to pitch to agents and publishers there.

Thanks to all of you who have read along, I hope you’ve found some bit of fun or thought-provoking ideas or just plain silliness here, too. And to the NaNoWriMo people, including my friend Treg who gave it a whirl for the first time, and the joyous group lead by Sarah at the Drunken Write-Ins, for the excuse to do it again.

See you all next November.  In the meantime, Write On!

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