A new place

There’s something about a new place that is wonderful… and really freakin’ annoying. Wonderful to set everything up from scratch, the way you want it to be. And really freakin’ annoying to find out all the limitations it has – what, no recycling? Wonderful to break out of all your boring routines. And really freakin’ annoying to have to find a bunch of new routines – where the hell is NPR on the radio dial?

Wonderful to discover the similarities, the things that feel familiar – a Fred Meyer is a Fred Meyer is a Fred Meyer. (Okay, I know, but go with me here.)

And really freakin’ annoying to find you brought all your own limitations with you – what, I can still get lost so easily, I can take a wrong turn on a one-way, one-block road?

And really freakin’ wonderful and annoying all at the same time to find that you are who you are, wherever you land.

2 thoughts on “A new place

    • Thanks! I might be spending a few of those days at my brother’s place – let me confirm dates and get back to you – would love to have you visit!
      PS the agate display at the museum downstairs ends on Dec 31. 😦


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