The Labor of Writing

My monthly contribution to The Writers' Vineyard falls one day before Labor Day. Well, what better excuse to muse about the whole idea of work? I'm not inclined to romanticize manual labor. (I'm pretty lazy, after all.) But one thing about growing food and building shelter - it's pretty clear when you've been successful, and … Continue reading The Labor of Writing

PPP3 – does this sound like where you work?

Finally posting the next chapter in The Book. You can find it, oddly enough, on The Book page. In chapter one, Louie (Our Heroine) found an agreement that seemed to show her boss is an alien, working for an organization that bought her company three years earlier. In chapter two, she confronted her boss, who showed … Continue reading PPP3 – does this sound like where you work?

The Archive Project

There's a new excerpt from the novel - click on The Book page to read the whole thing. This is how the excerpt starts; it is the beginning of the novel; or so it seems... Chapter One: The Archive Project The night everything changed for Louise Armstrong Holliday, her mind was filled with one thought: This … Continue reading The Archive Project