PPP3 – does this sound like where you work?

Finally posting the next chapter in The Book. You can find it, oddly enough, on The Book page. In chapter one, Louie (Our Heroine) found an agreement that seemed to show her boss is an alien, working for an organization that bought her company three years earlier. In chapter two, she confronted her boss, who showed her his true colors – the color of lime jell-o gone very wrong, as Louie discovers he is leading an alien conspiracy. In this chapter, we find out a bit more about the company they both work for, and it makes us wonder why any aliens worth their salt would want to take it over.

Back a few years before Paster sold up and moved away, there was a legendary battle between the Coke and Pepsi vendors for the staff lounge vending machine contract. Over six months, Paster kept them at each other’s throats, switching from one to the other, to the point where the staff seeking a beverage with their lunches never knew on any given day if they’d be able to get a Coke for a dollar or a Pepsi for seventy-five cents. Oddly, this generated one of the very few official complaints about Paster to Human Resources. People tolerated his dirty jokes, his temper, and his propensity to fire someone on a whim; but one employee was damned if he was going to go a day without his Pepsi.

Read more here… and post a comment to let me know what you think!


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