Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear

credit: livinginmycar.com/blog

Transitions. Are. Exhausting.

Have you ever seen a car or truck lose its load along a highway? Seen the boxes of things that someone was trying to get from one place to another in some kind of order, now scattered down the roadside, some torn open, contents flung to the weeds and gravel?

That’s how my life feels to me now – and I have to go collect each box, each blanket or clock or picture that spilled, and decide whether to keep it or leave it there. All the while tempted, so tempted, to just keep driving, and let my things slowly vanish in the rear view mirror.

But that would be littering.

So off I go, collecting, hoping the rain and the road dirt hold off and leave me some space in which to work.

Transitions. Are. Exhausting.

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