Two Springs: Randomly Accessed Poetics

What a great experience to collaborate with fellow writer, poet, and Works in Progress (Richard Hugo House) alum William Lindberg, and what an honor for him to publish a short story I wrote on his literary site, Randomly Accessed Poetics (click here to read).

The story is called Two Springs (click here to read) and it combines work generated at a Write-o-Rama at Hugo House with a piece from my writing group, and is inspired by a real custom a dear friend told me about. Of course, the custom is “freely adapted” to make the point of the story…

3 thoughts on “Two Springs: Randomly Accessed Poetics

  1. read ‘two springs.’ delightful! the feel good hit of the (snowy, wet, bleak) winter. two thumbs up, way up. that easter tradition in the first part is beyond belief. how do you expect anyone to believe such things?? ;o))

    line that made me laugh aloud:

    Carl was living every day with his wife as if it were Easter Tuesday.

    keep on writing, liz.


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