Project create week 5…Sublime or ridiculous?

Here’s a poem based on a prompt at my writing group in Seattle. The prompt was “from the sublime to the ridiculous.” Many thanks, Nancy! 🙂

There’s real Swiss dark chocolate.

And then… there are M&M’s.

There’s a pure white Lipizanner horse, dancing under a spotlight.

And then… there’s the farm mule hauling manure.

There’s the full moon glowing in a deep blue sky on a summer night.

And then… there’s Pluto, not even a planet, any more.

There’s the little black dress that fits like it was made for you.

And then… there’s the Christmas sweater from your Aunt Patty.

There’s the dark thick comfort of Guinness, crowned with exactly the right amount of foam.

And then… there’s Hamms. In a can.

There’s the gentle touch of a lover’s hand, warming your cheek.

And then… there’s Moe or Curly Joe squawking, “smell my finger.”

There’s a nap in the late afternoon sun on newly-mown grass.

And then… there’s mowing the lawn.

There’s the pale pink of a rose blossoming on an old climbing vine.

And then… there’s the pink of Pepto Bismol.

There’s heaven, and then… is Hell ridiculous?

There is us, with Swiss chocolate and M&M’s, horses and mules, moons and ex-planets, dresses and sweaters, Guinness and Hamms, lovers and fools, naps and chores, roses and Pepto.


And that… is heaven.

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