An autumn recipe

I don’t know about you, but this time of year my thoughts turn to baking – all those apples and pears just waiting to be baked into pies, with lots of cinnamon, and ginger. Yum…. Oops, okay, I’m back. But inspired by a training I attended last week, here’s a different kind of recipe that also seems suited to autumn and harvest time. And it’s this week’s Project Create.

An autumn sun through the birch trees.

Contentment: A Recipe

Start with one generous scoop of gratitude, for whatever you have.

Add another generous scoop of giving, of whatever you can.

Stir in three fresh perspectives, received from unexpected sources.

Add three doses of meditation, sitting, lying, or walking.

Mix well; don’t be surprised if the batter remains lumpy.

Bake in the sunshine of a friend’s love for as long as it takes.

Top with a generous dollop of humor.

This can be made ahead; it will last indefinitely if you remember to repeat it daily.

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