Amy June’s long night begins…

Here’s a teaser from the end of November 2’s NaNo-ing. Amy June Pilgrim, age eleven and a half, has decided she is too old to play the weekly hide and seek games that have become a habit with her Grandpa Marq. She looks for him to tell him her decision, but can’t find him anywhere. Instead, she falls down the steps to the basement, and finds a clue as to what might really have happened to her Grandpa. This is just the start of the longest night of Amy June Pilgrim’s young life.

“We know where you are,” the message said. “We know what you have.”

Amy June stared at the computer. The message didn’t repeat itself like a screen saver would. The monitor was filling up with numbers again, so fast it made Amy June feel a little dizzy. Her eyes couldn’t focus on them. She really wanted her grandpa. Where the hell was he?

Amy June didn’t like to swear, but this seemed to be a swear-worthy occasion, if ever there was one.

“Grandpa?” she tried again, and steadied herself with her arm on her grandpa’s desk chair to turn around and work herself up to be able face climbing back up the stairs, holding onto the rickety railing while babying her sore ankle. 

Then she saw it. A small scrap of paper, just barely peeking out from under the desk chair’s wheel. Carefully, she bent down to pick it up, rolling the chair just a little to free it. 

“Find me,” it said, in what looked like her grandpa’s handwriting. 

Now Amy June really felt scared. 

Read more here.

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