The Law of Immediate Forgiveness – NaNo is on!

Here are the opening paragraphs from this year’s NaNoWriMo novel, The Law of Immediate Forgiveness. Read more on the page that will be dedicated to it all month!

One Sunday evening, at exactly eight – sixteen pm, Amy June Pilgrim made a decision. It was a decision she’d made at least twenty-three times before, but this time, she swore to herself, it would stick.

She knew it had been at least twenty-three times, because she’d made this same decision every Sunday evening since she turned eleven, and that was twenty-three weeks ago.

The decision Amy June made was to tell her grandpa that she was too old to play hide and go seek. It was the one thing they’d done together every Sunday since he’d moved in with Amy June and her mother, Lisa Marie Pilgrim, when Amy June’s father disappeared that otherwise glorious Friday afternoon in late October the year Amy June turned seven. Amy June’s father had gone to work that afternoon at his job where he helped to run the transfer station for the train line that came through their small town. He’d given her a kiss goodbye at their front door like he always did, and then that night he didn’t come home.

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