Four weeks left

There are four weeks left in the year, and after the daily creative binge of NaNoWriMo swamped November, it’s time to get back into the rhythm of a weekly poem, photo, meditation, or doodle for Project Create.

So here is one for the first week of December, Week 49, in the form of a prayer.


A tree with red berries and white snow.

A tastefully Xmas-sy tree.

Dear Higher Power, Lord of Lords, Holy of Holies, Universal Energy, Four Winds, Great Spirit, or whatever name you choose to go by these days:

This might seem trivial, compared to war, famine, pestilence, disease, poverty, and all the other nastiness you are asked to deal with. It might even seem trivial compared to putting your finger on the scale to tip it in favor of that one football team everyone seems to want to win this week.

But I promise you, fulfilling this request will make millions of people happy. Or at least less annoyed than usual.

Please, Great Spirit et al, we humbly beg of thee:

More “Happy Xmas (War is Over),” and less “Little Drummer Boy.”


The Human Race

P.S. We can totally deal with Vince Guaraldi, but we’d really appreciate less Jingle Bell Rock. It’s not really rock, and that Jingle Horse is awfully tired of giddying-up. Thank you very much.

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