I’m interviewed on L.T. Getty’s blog!

What a fun experience! Fellow Champagne author L.T. Getty interviewed me for her blog. A virtual interview for the blogosphere! Read it here:

LTGetty’s Blog

Here’s an excerpt, as a teaser, and also a suggestion if you need a good holiday read:

In the spirit of sharing, tell us about a book by another author you adore, and who you think would like it.

The book that made me believe I could write a publishable novel was Lost in a Good Book, the first of the Thursday Next series by British author Jasper Fforde. It’s a ripping good yarn, first and foremost; and it combines satire, humor, and tenacious optimism in a fantastic world where the characters in beloved books are real and mischievous; and even the “real world” isn’t entirely like the one we know now.  Anyone who loves books, and especially those of us who often wished we could live in the worlds we read about, will enjoy this tale.

Read more here.

PS. Fans of the Traveling Wilburys, this pun’s for you: “It’s a virtual world, a virtual world, a freaking virtual world…”

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