Jane Margaret Blake, who are you?

Fellow authors: do you really want your main characters out there, speaking for themselves? Champagne Books blog interviews You, Jane's heroine (?) Jane Margaret Blake today. Consider it a cautionary tale, as this excerpt shows. Hello Elizabeth, and Jane it is absolutely lovely to see you. Elizabeth: Lovely to be here, thank you! Jane: Yeah, … Continue reading Jane Margaret Blake, who are you?

This is an SPA (Shameless Promotion Alert)

All books at the CBG publisher's store are on sale this Labor Day weekend. Ebooks are 50% off, print books are 30% off. Those of you who are already eager for the holiday season, stock up on gifts now! Those of you who are never eager for the holiday season, stock up on books to … Continue reading This is an SPA (Shameless Promotion Alert)

Shared Whispers Haiku

To celebrate the official release this week of Shared Whispers, a collection of fifteen terrific stories of romance, mystery, adventure, and fantasy, by Champagne Books, I did a nerdy thing. I worked the titles into four haiku. They are imperfect, and I'd love to see if any of you can create more beautiful poems from … Continue reading Shared Whispers Haiku

An Alien’s Guide to World Domination: Launch Day!

First, the thank-yous. To J. Ellen Smith, owner and publisher of Champagne Book Group, and Judy Griffith Gill, for seeing the potential in this story and being willing to support it. To author liaison Kat Hall for all her answers. To editor Virg Nelson for adding encouraging notes where the story made her giggle, even … Continue reading An Alien’s Guide to World Domination: Launch Day!

Fiction: The Other White Lie

My contribution to the Writers Vineyard, a blog about all things writing and publishing, is about branding, connecting with an audience, and telling white lies: Fiction: The Other White Lie As part of preparing for the release of my first book, An Alien’s Guide to World Domination, I’ve participated in some provocative discussions about promotion, marketing, platform, … Continue reading Fiction: The Other White Lie

Chat – with authors!

Would you like to chat online with some terrific fellow Champagne Books authors? Would you consider that more fun than listening to your boyfriend play "Pretty Kitten" on the accordion one more time? I thought so. Fellow readers and book addicts at Coffee Time Romance and More are hosting these two chats. Love, Champagne Style Wednesday, … Continue reading Chat – with authors!

I’m interviewed on L.T. Getty’s blog!

What a fun experience! Fellow Champagne author L.T. Getty interviewed me for her blog. A virtual interview for the blogosphere! Read it here: LTGetty's Blog Here's an excerpt, as a teaser, and also a suggestion if you need a good holiday read: In the spirit of sharing, tell us about a book by another author … Continue reading I’m interviewed on L.T. Getty’s blog!

The Journey at Home (Hint: Word Hunters, Look Here!)

Most stories involve travel, in the form of a journey. You know the cliché about the “hero’s journey.” It’s used all the time because it’s something we can relate to – the need to get away, to explore, to experience the unfamiliar and unknown, to travel far and wide before we can find our way … Continue reading The Journey at Home (Hint: Word Hunters, Look Here!)

Champagne Books Reader Celebration

I am happy to share this link to Champagne Book Group's blog, where the October Reader Celebration begins! CBG is an independent publisher headquartered in Calgary, Alberta; they are the lovely people who are bringing my first book into this world in the spring. I'll be participating in the fun, hosting a reader word search … Continue reading Champagne Books Reader Celebration