Shared Whispers Haiku

To celebrate the official release this week of Shared Whispers, a collection of fifteen terrific stories of romance, mystery, adventure, and fantasy, by Champagne Books, I did a nerdy thing. I worked the titles into four haiku.

They are imperfect, and I’d love to see if any of you can create more beautiful poems from the titles. I’ll bet you’ll be inspired to, once you read these engaging tales.


Haiku One

Cover of Shared Whispers

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Heart of a rebel

Going to the wall for love

Beyond forever


Haiku Two

Heaven, solitude

The setup: gods and zombies

The journey home


Haiku Three

Cymru am byth – Wales

Forever after the tears

Nimue’s daughter


Haiku Four

Colours: Life at full

speed. Special delivery

of the shared whispers.

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