The gift of story – Rita Bay’s Blog

My fellow Champagne author (and superb human being) Rita Bay is hosting a series of free stories as gifts to readers on her blog this month. Today my short tale of time-travel and impossible love (told with as much humor as a Time Monk could tolerate) called "Some Old Ideas" is the gift. You can link … Continue reading The gift of story – Rita Bay’s Blog

A Rough Fairy Tale: Thursday Redux on Rita Bay’s Blog

Long-time and thorough readers of Point No Point might recognize my contribution to the talented, lovely, and generous Rita Bay's new blog feature, Thursday Redux. She invites authors to recycle favorite posts from the past. Mine is from early 2011, following a writing class I took at the amazing Richard Hugo House in Seattle. The workshop … Continue reading A Rough Fairy Tale: Thursday Redux on Rita Bay’s Blog

“Heaven” – an excerpt

Thanks to the lovely authors who run the Worlds of the Imagination blog, especially Rita Bay, for the opportunity to post an excerpt from my short story "Heaven." This little tale of a fallen angel, a lost woman, and the one tiny thing that makes all the difference between Heaven and Hell was published in … Continue reading “Heaven” – an excerpt

Shared Whispers Haiku

To celebrate the official release this week of Shared Whispers, a collection of fifteen terrific stories of romance, mystery, adventure, and fantasy, by Champagne Books, I did a nerdy thing. I worked the titles into four haiku. They are imperfect, and I'd love to see if any of you can create more beautiful poems from … Continue reading Shared Whispers Haiku

Coming Soon – Shared Whispers from CBG

Last winter, a group of talented authors conspired to create an anthology of tales of romance, mystery, and adventure, and offered it to our readers directly. Now, Champagne Book Group is preparing to release Shared Whispers as one of their titles. On September 3, Shared Whispers will be available to readers everywhere from CBG, Amazon, … Continue reading Coming Soon – Shared Whispers from CBG

My desk – on Rita Bay’s blog!

Fellow author Rita Bay - Champagne Book Group's Author of the Year, mind you! - kindly let me visit her blog today to show off my "author's desk." Hint: It's not in my little apartment... An Author's Desk: Elizabeth Fountain - Rita Bay's Blog While you're there, check out her delightful books, including a preview … Continue reading My desk – on Rita Bay’s blog!