Coming Soon – Shared Whispers from CBG

Last winter, a group of talented authors conspired to create an anthology of tales of romance, mystery, and adventure, and offered it to our readers directly. Now, Champagne Book Group is preparing to release Shared Whispers as one of their titles. On September 3, Shared Whispers will be available to readers everywhere from CBG, Amazon, and other e-book sources. Preorder now from All Romance

Here is the impressive Table of Contents:

Coming soon from Champagne Books: Sixteen tales of romance, mystery, and adventure

Coming soon from Champagne Books

  • Beyond Forever, M.W. Davis (contemporary romance)
  • Special Delivery, Linda Rettstatt (contemporary romance)
  • The Journey Home, Linda LaRoque (western romance)
  • The Setup, Victoria Roder (contemporary romance)
  • Going to the Wall for Love, Julie Eberhart Painter (historical romance)
  • Colours, C.J. Fenge (contemporary romance)
  • Solitude, R.J. Hore (romantic sci-fi)
  • Heart of a Rebel, Dani Collins (fantasy)
  • Gods and Zombies, January Bain (fantasy)
  • Life at Full Speed, Ute Carbone (contemporary romance)
  • After the Tears, Angelica Hart and Zi (contemporary romance)
  • Nimue’s Daughter, Rita Bay (fantasy)
  • Cymru Am Byth (Wales Forever), Jude Johnson (historical romance)
  • Frozen Section, Jane Toombs (contemporary romance)
  • Heaven, Elizabeth Fountain (fantasy)

Special thanks to M.W. Davis, who spearheaded the anthology, and Helen Henderson, whose editing skills improved our work.

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