Jane Margaret Blake, who are you?

Fellow authors: do you really want your main characters out there, speaking for themselves? Champagne Books blog interviews You, Jane‘s heroine (?) Jane Margaret Blake today.

Consider it a cautionary tale, as this excerpt shows.

Hello Elizabeth, and Jane it is absolutely lovely to see you.

Elizabeth: Lovely to be here, thank you!

Jane: Yeah, thanks. Will there be snacks?

No, no snacks unfortunately. Jane, can you tell us a little about yourself?

You bet. I’m five-nine, 120 pounds, blue eyes, straight teeth, and blonde hair that always glows as if back-lit by a setting sun. What? No one can really see me, right? So yeah, no mousy brown hair that won’t stay out of my eyes no matter what I do. No curves that make it tough, on occasion, for me to button my jeans. And definitely, no odd green eyes that give away all the secrets I try so hard to keep.

Read it all here.

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