A Thanksgiving Top Ten

This is less a “top” ten list, and more a “random” ten list. Who could put gratitude in any rational order, anyway?

Stories – the infinite number of stories to be told. Or maybe there is only one real story, but an infinite variety of ways to tell it. Either way, the well of stories never runs dry.

Peanut Butter – the ultimate comfort and health food. Peanut butter on toast is the best way to reorient yourself to the essential goodness of the universe.

Baseball - Hitter at Bat

Baseball – The Epitome of the Human Desire for Fairness

The Infield Fly Rule – not as a rule in and of itself, you understand, but more as a metaphor for the intricate delicacy of how all baseball rules express the desire for fairness as a target of human endeavor.

Warm Socks – snug toes provide the perfect winter accompaniment to peanut butter toast, c.fl Peanut Butter above.

Indoor Plumbing – enough said.

Wet Dog Smell – I could have just said “dogs,” of course, but they are always on my list. This time I wanted to pick something more specific. If wet dog smell doesn’t do it for you, how about Outdoor Dog Smell – you know, when they come inside carrying odors of pine, dirt, grass, and fresh air.

September – the golden light, the touch of coolness in the evenings, after long warm afternoons.

Yoga – no, I don’t bend very well at all, but my version of yoga isn’t about how flexible you are. It’s a chance to hug pillows and close your eyes, and use sensation to tune into the present moment, especially when it involves hugging pillows.

Friends – especially those friends who cross over into chosen family, and those family members who embody the meaning of friendship.

Freedom – from fear, anxiety, hunger, cold, deprivation, expectations, violence, illness, worry.

And one more, a bonus.

You – if you are reading this, I am grateful for you.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving. May it be full of gratitude for the plenty we experience every day.

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