Fiction: The Other White Lie

My contribution to the Writers Vineyard, a blog about all things writing and publishing, is about branding, connecting with an audience, and telling white lies:

Fiction: The Other White Lie

As part of preparing for the release of my first book, An Alien’s Guide to World Domination, I’ve participated in some provocative discussions about promotion, marketing, platform, and branding. It’s overwhelming, at times, and I have to remind myself what it’s really all about: connecting with readers.

Cover art for "An Alien's Guide to World Domination": Green alien with goofy grin waving at flying saucer.

An Alien’s Guide – ready for release on April 1!

During the most recent chat with fellow Champagne authors and editors, we wrestled with how “brand” reflects your work – not the technicalities of your writing, but the heart and soul of your body of work as an author. We challenged ourselves to describe ours in a few words.
Well, ask an author to use a “few words,” and you know what’s likely to happen…

Read more here: Fiction: The Other White Lie

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