Heaven: A taste

Monday, March 25, is the last free download day for Shared Whispers on Amazon.com (Amazon Prime members can download for free anytime!). Shared Whispers is an anthology of romantic fiction from a great group of sixteen outstanding authors, including M. W. Davis, Helen Henderson, January Bain, Ute Carbone, Linda Rettstatt, Dani Collins, Rita Bay, and more.

As we head into spring, when all our fancies turn to love, go ahead and treat yourself to sixteen fun, fantastical, mysterious, silly, and enchanting romance tales. Here’s a taste of Heaven, the story I wrote for this anthology:


“I’m a Watcher,” Michael began, “or that’s what the old legends called us. We worked for God as sentinels; we looked out. We waited. We waited to raise alarms if we saw anything worth alarming Her Holy of Holies about.

“Well, I did. I saw a lot, a very great deal that alarmed me, as I Watched the world of human beings, and all they were doing to tear one another apart. And Her Holy of Holies ignored all my warnings.”

He sighed and gathered Jane closer. “Then I saw Woman. Woman, who had no idea how beautiful, how strong, how magnificent she really was. Why? Because Miss Holy of Holies wanted this truth kept from Woman. Oh, she wasn’t gender-biased. She didn’t really want Man to know his own power, either. She is, as they say in the Old Testament, a jealous god. They forget she is also envious. And a little petty, if you ask me. Woman deserved better.”

“What did you do?” Jane asked.

“I tried to tell Her Holy of Holies: you need to wake Woman, to help her really see, feel, be herself. If you do, she’ll be your best ally and your greatest friend, as you try to spread love and eradicate evil. Her Holy of Holies said sure, I’ll get right on that. And it went into the giant round file in the sky, along with all my other Memos of Warning.

“So I said, essentially, not out loud, of course, to Her Holy of Holies, but in my head and heart, I said ‘F*** This’. And I left Heaven to go wake up Woman.”

“You mean you’re a fallen angel.” Jane couldn’t help but smile.


Read more in Shared Whispers

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