Lucky 13: A good luck story from Carol McPhee

This month I welcome award-winning author Carol McPhee to our Lucky 13 series. Carol is published with Wings ePress and Champagne Books. Her home is in Nova Scotia, Canada, where she lives with her husband of fifty-two years. Since their four children are grown and flown, Carol has plenty of time to let her imagination soar into stories of love and … Continue reading Lucky 13: A good luck story from Carol McPhee

The ‘Wild West’ of digital publishing

Here's a nice addition to release week for You, Jane: Our local paper covers the "Wild West" of digital publishing, using my own (terrific, fortunately) experience with Champagne Books as an example. ~*~ Digital publishing may be a relatively new format, but the path to publication still requires commitment and determination from authors, wheth… via … Continue reading The ‘Wild West’ of digital publishing

Lucky 13 Story: Welcome Jill Blair!

We've another lucky Friday the 13th this month, and I count myself very lucky to host a piece from romance writer Jill Blair. She tells the story of luck found in an old email - and don't we all save old email way too long, or so the efficiency experts tell us? Not Jill. She … Continue reading Lucky 13 Story: Welcome Jill Blair!

The heart of your story

This month, my contribution to the Writers' Vineyard is about finding the heart of your story. Not just the story you want to publish, but the story you want to live: If we focus on what is essential about ourselves as writers, we can let the rest go. Follow all the suggestions and feedback we … Continue reading The heart of your story

Lessons from the Slushpile, etc.

This month my contribution to The Writers' Vineyard chronicles a few things I've learned from reading slushpile (unsolicited) manuscripts, and e-book contest entries. Hint:  art is often about breaking the rules. Isn't it? Read the whole post here, and read the entertaining and enlightening musings of fellow Champagne Book Group authors while you're there.