Getting Re-acquainted

My contribution to the Writers’ Vineyard this month is about getting re-acquainted with the story I wrote last fall as I help it seek an audience. Update: the agent I met with at the Write on the River conference this weekend wants me to send her the first 3 chapters! Guess what I’m doing this week…

Here’s an excerpt:

And I met up (again) with main character Amy June Pilgrim, the eleven and a half year old girl who longs to prove she’s no longer a little kid, and to experience a real adventure. She does both. I met up (again) with her Grandpa Marq, who is the leader of a team of misfit math and computer geeks on the verge of finishing the formula for the Law of Immediate Forgiveness, which will free the world of war, strife, violence, and suffering. I met up (again) with Professor Fogarty, who might be helping them or might be trying to stop them at any cost. And of course with Licky, the black Labrador whose ability to fart helps Amy June escape her kidnapper and reunite with her family.

Read the full post here.

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