Fiction: The Other White Lie

My contribution to the Writers Vineyard, a blog about all things writing and publishing, is about branding, connecting with an audience, and telling white lies: Fiction: The Other White Lie As part of preparing for the release of my first book, An Alien’s Guide to World Domination, I’ve participated in some provocative discussions about promotion, marketing, platform, … Continue reading Fiction: The Other White Lie

Being ready… or not

My contribution to the Writers' Vineyard this month as the release date for "An Alien's Guide to World Domination" gets closer. And closer. And closer... Being Ready During the late fall and early winter, the magic “release date” of April 1 seemed beautifully far away. I listened to veteran authors and editors give advice about … Continue reading Being ready… or not

Invitation to the dance

I am thrilled to say that an independent publisher has expressed interest in reading the whole manuscript of Completely Absurd and Nearly Impossible... which not only prompted me to spend most of my weekend editing the thing, but also to finally post Part Two here. And it is tempting to say that is Project Create … Continue reading Invitation to the dance

The Book, Chapter Two: Disclosure

Believe it or not, The Book is nearly done...I'm about to send the manuscript to a professional editor to help make sure it's really truly ready. (Of course when I get my 'editorial letter' back in about a month, I could find out that it's not nearly done...but let's not think about that now, shall … Continue reading The Book, Chapter Two: Disclosure

How to get your novel published in seven easy steps

With considerable expertise derived from my vast experience (three and a half days at the Pacific Northwest Writers' Association conference), I will now describe how the fiction book publishing process works. Step one: Write the book you love, and make it perfect. Step two: Pitch it to a literary agent, or actually, to hundreds of … Continue reading How to get your novel published in seven easy steps