Invitation to the dance

I am thrilled to say that an independent publisher has expressed interest in reading the whole manuscript of Completely Absurd and Nearly Impossible… which not only prompted me to spend most of my weekend editing the thing, but also to finally post Part Two here.

Just a pretty picture of a tree blooming in the snow.

And it is tempting to say that is Project Create for this week… but that doesn’t seem quite in the spirit of the endeavor. So, here are some observations from a wonderful event here in Ellensburg, a benefit for the health care costs of a beloved local citizen. There was music and dancing, and if you’ve ever been at a small town party for a good cause, you might have seen these couples, too.

There’s a proud mom dancing with her teenage son

There’s a woman with a scarred face and frail body dancing with a stout man in overalls

There’s a middle-aged couple dancing like it is foreplay

There’s a gorgeous teenage girl dancing and twirling and twirling with her beaming little sister

There’s a tall, heavy man dancing with a petite beauty in sky-high heels and sky-high hair

There’s a seven-year old self-described ‘weird kid’ dancing with the girl who is his best friend, who says they are like brother and sister

There’s a woman with bare feet dancing with a man in heavy work boots

There’s a man with a long grey ponytail and a Harley-Davidson shirt dancing with a young redhead in a ripped AC/DC tee

There’s a Delta blues song playing and the powerful voice of a gospel honky-tonk angel singing

There’s a man recovering from a coma, and a family, and a community

And there is dancing.

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