Heaven, in a romance anthology

The cover art for Shared Whispers, Romance Anthology

Click here to download Shared Whispers

Along with contributions from a group of terrific and award-winning authors, my short story “Heaven” is featured in the “Shared Whispers” anthology, released today. You can download it for your Kindle on Amazon (it’s free now if you have Amazon Prime; and it will be free for all readers on January 11, January 26, February 25, March 4, and March 25). Just click on the cover to link to the page on Amazon; and if you read, and enjoy, we’d love for you to write a reader review.

From the “story behind the story” that goes with “Heaven:”

This is the first romance I’ve written; at least, the first one that includes love, sex, AND a happy ending. My first novel, due to be published in April, 2013, isn’t much like this little story. The novel has stupid aliens, long-lost twins, and a little dog who saves the world. But the two tales do have some things in common. I am drawn to main characters who are flawed and seeking something that seems impossible–love, happiness, belonging, peace. Jane is like that–recently divorced, riddled with guilt and fear, but something in her is still stubbornly alive. Her angel, Michael, is ready and willing to bring it out in her. I stumbled on the legend of the Watchers while noodling around looking for something else, and the idea of an angel whose duty was to Watch intrigued me. What if that angel decided he couldn’t simply watch anymore, especially if god wasn’t prepared to listen to any of his warnings? What if that angel decided to leave his post and take the action he thought was needed in the world of humans? And what if that angel was a really terrific lover? Putting these two characters together, adding a dollop of philosophy, and throwing in a liberal sprinkle of the goofiness of everyday life, created a fun and interesting little love story. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing my first romance… with sex AND a happy ending.

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