The high of a new idea

After such a good experience working with fellow Champagne Books authors on the romance anthology, Shared Whispers, I jumped at the chance to participate again – this time a science fiction collection, planned for publication sometime this summer.

It means I need to come up with a new idea, and a chance to use some bits and pieces of stories I have lying around (virtually), so I spent some time today reading through old tales.

And dang if one didn’t jump out at me. For the last hour (well over my promised thirteen minutes, again), I’ve been working with this little kernel of a tale, and after a quick walk in the bright cold winter air, it came together.

A photo of a lamp post silhouetted by clouds, at an odd angle.

Time-travel tilts Brian’s world.

What if you went back to your home town for your father’s funeral, and while you were there, your father tried to kill you? That’s what will happen to poor hapless Brian, nearing forty, who never lived up to his dad’s expectations anyway. Now he’s got to find out how, and more importantly why, his dead father wants to murder him. He’s got one friend willing to suspend disbelief and help him, and one potential love of his life who might also be a dangerous time-traveler.

The working title is “Some Old Ideas,” and the first scenes were written two years ago. Here’s a trial tag line:

When your dead father tries to kill you, it’s time to face reality.

Dang, this new idea stuff is fun!

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