An early Valentine

I found this song lyric I wrote some undefined time ago, inspired by a line spoken by a good friend at the right moment. Since it’s about love, I’m posting it a couple days before Valentine’s Day this year, an early Valentine for us all.

sunset reflected in clouds over snowEnough Time

We’ve spent enough time in fear and painful curiosity

Now it’s time to dance just you and me

We both have two left feet

So this oughta be good


We’ve spent enough time alone longing for company

Now it’s time to laugh just you and me

We both know how to cry

So this oughta be fun


We’ve spent too much time believing

Things would never change

Too much time reliving

Past stops on this train


We’ll never spend enough time loving so let’s get started now

Now it’s time to be, just you and me

We both have well-used hearts

So this oughta be brand new

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