A bit of confetti, a piece of chocolate, and a Swiss Army knife

Another old poem I found – I think this one was written with my sweet writing group back in Seattle. I miss those folks! And yes, while I work on the last round of proofing for the novel, I am resorting to posting bits and pieces of old writing. New stuff soon, I promise!


A bit of confetti, a piece of melted chocolate, and a Swiss Army knife

A strangely colored light.

A strangely colored light.

You wake up in a strangely colored light.

You wonder for a moment if you are still in the place you thought you’d left, or already in the place you meant to go next.

The light is the colour of a forest-fire sky. But the outside of your tent is damp; it’s been raining here.


You always check first for your swiss army knife. It was a gift

from your brother. His final gift to you.

It’s there,

in your pocket,

where it should be.

You begin to breathe.


Breathing in the strangely-colored, mistaken light.


Your mind begins to focus as you breathe. The morning air

has a chill to it. It surprises you to find, next to your knife, a bit of chocolate

melted in its wrapper. It is no longer the appropriate oblong shape.

It is now an obscene lump.


You don’t fully recall why you have a piece of chocolate in your pocket, nor why it melted. You lie in the strange mistaken light and breathe and try

not to recall

too quickly.


In the corner of your pocket clings a bit of confetti.


Now you recall.


You breathe.


You hold your brother’s swiss army knife.

You breathe.

You recall.

You begin to prepare yourself to pack up

and go.


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