World Within Worlds published in RAP-3

Thanks to my fellow writer, author, and literary e-zine publisher, William Lindberg, for adding my short story “Worlds Within Worlds” to the summer 2013 edition of Randomly Accessed Poetics-3 (Sifting Through Raw Words). A reminder that RAP publishes work of all styles including explicit poetry and stories, so it’s not all-ages.

Here’s a taste of “Worlds Within Worlds:”

On a shady front porch, not far from one of the poorest trailer parks in this small town, sits a man who looks at least ten years older than his real age, which he claims is sixty-two. You think of the other people you know who are sixty-two, and you think this man is either lying or has led a hard life. His beard is too long, his nails too dirty and yellow, betraying a life holding various forms of nicotine. His front door is open, and his tiny front yard is a jumble of semi-intentional plantings and trees that nearly hide the house.

As your walk takes you near him, you wonder if he’s going to let you pass or say something, and if he says something, what it will be.

He does say something. The thing he says is: “Do you want to see my baby?”

Read it all in RAP-3, available on Amazon:


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