Breaking news: “You, Jane” gets a contract!

You read it here first, friends – You, Jane, the novel I began as my first NaNoWriMo experience back in 2010, just received a contract offer from Champagne Book Group. The planned release date is next April, 2014.

You, Jane, is the tale of a woman whose ability to write stories that come true in the real world creates havoc for her friends and her love life. In her stories, animals, humans, spirits, angels, and even the Universe itself conspire to destroy Jane’s last chance to be with her old love, or, just maybe, to bring her the chance at an exciting new love. As her drinking and her writing spiral out of control, Jane must face reality about herself and her relationships, and discover how to write her own happy ending.

In this one, there’s a wicked spirit, a self-doubting angel, a cat named Duke, dogs named Coke and Dodge, a talking fox, a lost panda, an ashram full of hippies who don’t clean up after themselves, and a group of friends (Jane, Charlie, Sam, Molly, Crick, and Binny) who must rescue a small boy from the dangerous world Jane creates in her stories in order to save themselves.

I’m thrilled and grateful that the folks at Champagne are willing to take a risk on this quirky book, and so pleased to continue working with them.

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