Good luck comes in the strangest of ways

The tagline for this blog comes from a song by master singer, songwriter, and slide guitarist Chris Rea from Great Britain. The song is called “God’s Great Banana Skin,” and how can you not love that title? It’s message is simple: as soon as you start to believe you have this thing called life figured out, as soon as you imagine you’re better (smarter, faster, stronger, funnier, richer, more successful) than everyone else, the universe (great spirit, deity, fate) sends a banana skin into your path to trip you up. Just a reminder from “that man in the sky” not to become complacent.

But of course, the universe (great spirit, deity, fate) also sends good luck. “Every day, good luck comes in the strangest of ways.” We know that often, it’s exactly the slippery banana skin that triggers the fall on our bum that turns into good luck before we know it. Lose a job, and discover time with family. Fail an exam, and discover a new subject filled with passion. Prick a finger, and a handsome prince comes to wake us.

Tales of Good Luck on the 13th

Last month, Friday the 13th brought amazing luck to my family, as my brother married his true love. (Read about it here.) Starting this month, I’m hosting a series of terrific authors and artists as they share their stories of how luck moved them professionally and personally. First up, on October 13, Jane Toombs will share two delightful tales of luck in her writing and love lives. Meanwhile, just to whet your appetite, here’s the tune that inspired it all.

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