Stop 4, The Druidesca Cemetery

Why does it begin with Stop 4?

Who knows? I hope I will, sometime between now and November 30. But if not, it will still start there, since Stops 1-3 are yet to be revealed to me.

The first two days’ worth of NaNo noveling are posted here.  And, here’s a taste of what happens at Stop 4:

Stop Four, in the Druidesca Cemetery

That pine tree smell again. Trees with moss older than I am. Faces in their bark. The story of humanity told and read in the care of our dead.

Their stop in the cemetery was unscheduled. On a hot day it looked like a cool place. Grandpa Marq always said you could learn a lot by visiting a town’s cemetery. Amy June Pilgrim wasn’t in a mood to learn much, especially in a place that carried memories of her grandpa back to her with every slight breath of wind, every scent of pine. Despite the fact that he’d wanted his ashes scattered to the four winds, Grandpa Marq had been buried in a cemetery a lot newer and fancier than the one Amy June sat in now, with her cousin Bow and her best friend Geoffrey.

She could sense them both feeling the weight of their memories of Marq Pilgrim, Senior, too. Geoffrey did not look comfortable at all, sitting on the shaded bench, sipping his giant Coke. Amy June felt herself fidgeting like she used to when she was a little girl, playing hide and seek with her Grandpa Marq. She would tuck herself into a spot in their old house, a spot that would grow increasingly uncomfortable as her grandpa took his time finding her. Her fidgeting routinely gave her hiding spot away. She felt like that now, waiting in the cemetery, like she was supposed to be hiding but was about to give herself away.

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