If the team is ready…

I’ve added the next few sections of Amy June’s new adventure. One of the scary things she has to face this time around? The memory of watching her Grandpa cook:

Watching Grandpa Marq cook felt a bit like watching an accident about to happen. He tossed wrappers, forks, lids, everywhere and anywhere. He piled dish towels so close to hot burners, Amy June bit the inside of her cheek and crossed her fingers in her lap. But disaster never happened, and Grandpa Marq’s enjoyment was infectious. They all laughed and talked and stole bites of chopped veggies from the salad and tore hunks of bread off the baguette loaf. When the spaghetti was ready, and they sat down at the table to eat, Amy June made an excuse to run back into the kitchen and make sure all the burners were turned off. They always were, but she always checked just to be sure.

Geoffrey and Bow tucked into the mounds of spaghetti on their plates like men on a mission. “That’s right,” Grandpa Marq said with a laugh, “remember: Your stomachs are storage. Always eat what’s in front of you.” Then he put his fork down. “Because, in fact, I do have a mission for you.” Marq looked at each of them in turn, making and holding eye contact for just long enough to be sure he had their attention. “For us, I should say. If the team is ready to take on another quest together, that is.”

Read the whole NaNo story, so far, here.

Cooking spaghetti. Photo by Eloquence.


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