Writing a villain

I’m guesting on wonderful author Linda Rettstatt’s blog, One Woman’s Write.  In this piece I share a bit about a new villain in my life: Percival Langston Troy the Third. Good name for a villain? Well, he doesn’t think so.

He came from nowhere, this villain; I hadn’t set out to find him. I thought the one from the first book would do just fine. Then, in the middle of the first week of NaNo, I sat down at a blank computer screen and began to describe Percival Langston Troy the Third. Yes, he’s the third man in his family saddled with that name, and in a way, that’s where his villainy begins. As a youngster, his name prompted other boys to torment him. He decided to change it. He wanted to call himself “Angel.” As he says: It was still odd, but I figured I might as well choose the oddity I’d become.

Read more here. And read about Linda’s work, too; she writes beautiful, moving stories of “strength, love, humor, and hope.”

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