A pair of pink pajamas

My word count is behind where it should be for the NaNo novel, and in a way, I feel like Amy June Pilgrim herself: stuck in a place she knows she needs to get out of, but she can’t quite figure out how. I’ve finished posting through November 7, and in this update you’ll learn more about Angel Troy, our new villain, become reacquainted with Professor Fogarty, our old villain, and discover why Amy June longs for a pair of pink pajamas:

A strong hand clamped Amy June’s left shoulder, as a second one covered her mouth. She tasted old leather as she tried to cry out.

For some reason, as Amy June felt her connection to consciousness slipping away, she remembered her favorite pair of pink pajamas she’d had when she was about four years old. They were the color of the begonias on her mother’s kitchen windowsill, and they had feet with sticky rubber soles. She had a vision of insisting on wearing them to her first movie, because she didn’t want to part with their soft fuzzy cuddliness. Oddly, her mother had let her wear them instead of fighting about it.

Amy June wished she had those pink pajamas to snuggle into now, as her world faded to black.

Read more here. 


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