In over our heads

The NaNo novel is posted, through November 10. Amy June comes to in the rare book room, with Licky, to find Geoffrey already there, talking of a pixie. 

Amy June Pilgrim came to in the rare book room with Licky the black Lab nudging her hand. It took her a few moments to reorient herself to the events of the past few hours. She focused on Licky’s face, rubbing the dog’s ears. “Oh, Licky. I’m glad you found me. What is going on, huh, girl? What have we gotten ourselves into?” The dog gently licked her face.

“I don’t know, Amy June.” For just a second, Amy June thought her beloved dog had learned to speak. Then her eyes focused a bit farther away, and she saw a smiling face.

“Geoff!” she nearly began to sob with relief at seeing her best friend. “Are you okay?”

“I was just about to ask you the same thing. You’ve been out a while, you know.”

“I think I’m fine.” Amy June started to stand up, but the room began to swim a bit on her, so she sat back down. “A bit dizzy, but fine. Where are we?”

“Rare book room. Top of the book store. Locked in by a pixie.”

“A pixie? What are you talking about, Geoff?”

He sighed. “The little woman who brought me up here. Petite but strong as an ox, with short hair. I call her a pixie. She brought you, too, I think.”

“Who is she? Is she working for the professor?” Amy June pulled her jacket around her. “I saw him, you know, Geoff. Did you?”

“Fogarty? He’s here, too? Well. Curiouser and curiouser.” The young man reached out to pet Licky’s rump. “What do you think, AJ? Are we in over our heads, or what?”

 Well, yes, they are in over their heads. And I might be too, still behind on word count, but having too much fun to stop!

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