Writing solitude

My contribution to the Writers’ Vineyard this month: musing on the dance between solitude and company, and ways we need to make room for both.

Sometimes it seems the writing life is one of solitude. While there are times (notably during write-ins for NaNoWriMo) when I can pound away at the keyboard surrounded by people, noise, and activity, my deepest dives into productive writing occur in solitude.

Maybe that’s why I like to write at night. The dark outside reinforces my sense of being alone with the words I am trying to capture on the page or screen.

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2 thoughts on “Writing solitude

  1. Definitely relate to this. The best news is that over the years, my hubby has become my greatest patron! That type of support is the best gift of all!
    Good luck on your own balancing act in the artistic live…


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