Spring Turbulence

Over the last weeks, here in the valley, our weather mirrors the turbulence of all change. We’ve had snow, sun, wind, rain; days turn from cold to warm to cold again in a heartbeat.

We’re on the cusp. The calendar counts the official transition to spring today, but it’s clear we’re still en route.

Don’t mistake turbulence for tragedy, though. It’s simply the churning wake that follows new directions.

In our climate, it won’t be long before folks start complaining about the heat. And our valley wind will scour our hills, fields, and souls from now until oh, about August.

Yesterday, the warm afternoon descended almost instantly into a cold, windy, early evening. We went from t-shirts to winter jackets and hats. People on the street stopped one another to say, “It’s cold!” as if it came as a surprise to us all. One good friend of mine didn’t believe me, having worked inside during the time of transition. “But it was so warm, just an hour ago!”

“It’s freezing now,” I answered, slightly annoyed. Later, I saw him again. “You were right,” he laughed. “I went outside after I talked to you and froze my assets off.”

“See? I told you!” I tried not to say it, but I said it, anyway.

“Isn’t it great? I love it!” he went on.

That’s what we all need, I guess – to love the turbulence of the weather, the change of seasons, the transition to spring, and whatever new life it’s about to bring us.

A budding shrub against a blue sky

It’s budding in my garden – what will it become?

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