In this together

I suppose it should go without saying that we are all in this together. I find myself frustrated by what appears to be the fueling of petty feuds and escalation of minor problems, when it seems we should be focused entirely on keeping our communities well and safe.

And yet, we human beings continue to be, well, human. In any given moment, what is bothering or challenging us can feel so big, even when in the vast scheme of things it is so small.

If I see a small problem, I will take a deep breath, step back, ask myself how important it is right now.

Let’s try to be patient, meet frustration with kindness, see anger for what it so often is: a cover for fear.

Here’s something you can do daily to be of assistance: The Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School are expanding their “flu-near-you” project to track COVID-19 as well. You can log in daily , report your health status, and add to their data.

Here’s their link:

Meanwhile, be well, be safe, stay home, take care.

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