Doubling up

Yes, starting tomorrow, at our house we’ll be doubling up on working from home.

I teach and manage an academic program at our local university. My hours are flexible, and I have taught online for years – so I feel pretty lucky compared to many.

My sweetheart works a facilities maintenance job on campus. His team is scheduled for online virtual training for three days this week – a way to keep them working while limiting exposure. Also lucky, compared to so many others.

So the two of us are going to discover what it’s like to combine two very different styles under one roof, and on one cable internet connection.

Me: up early, can focus on a screen for hours, used to working remotely. Need a lot of quiet to maintain productivity.

Him: night owl, kinetic learner, loves his campus job because he never has to sit still. Needs loud music to maintain productivity.

Me: been working via computer, web, video conference, etc. tools for years.

Him: learning to use email; a daft hand with YouTube, though!

We’ll be under each other’s feet, I’m sure; stepping on each other’s needs for quiet or sound; and, of course, trying to synch up our different work rhythms.

I just told a colleague: “getting on each other’s nerves… that’s a best-case scenario right now.” We laughed. We’re (so far, knock wood) healthy, employed, safe, and together.

We are lucky, compared to so many.

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