Independence Celebrations

My annual ritual on Independence Day (July 4 here in the US) is to celebrate independence from something meaningful. Past years I tried spending a day being independent from worry, from judging others, and from clinging to expectations. (For last year's piece on my No Expectations holiday, click here.) As I've been promoting You, Jane … Continue reading Independence Celebrations

May’s Lucky 13: Friends & Mothers

This month's Lucky 13 post is dedicated to friends and mothers. My friend Jennifer's mother is no longer on this planet; nearly forty years ago she created a home-away-from-home for her family near Palm Springs. Jennifer inherited her mother's taste, graciousness, intelligence, and sense of humor. And Jennifer generously invited me to join her on … Continue reading May’s Lucky 13: Friends & Mothers

The Journey: an experiment

In The Law of Immediate Forgiveness, the story I'm revising to prepare for submitting to agents and publishers later this summer, Amy June and her Grandpa take a road trip from central Washington to South Dakota. This is a trip I've never done myself, so I asked friends and family who have to contribute their … Continue reading The Journey: an experiment

A good day starts with “what if…?”

A story starts with an idea. An idea that usually comes in the form of a question: “What if…?” What if misfits here on Earth turned out to be beings from other planets, all trying to figure out how to fit in? What if alien CEO’s were just as incompetent as many Earth bosses? What … Continue reading A good day starts with “what if…?”

Creation: It’s contagious (Project Create)

It is, as a friend of mine said, contagious. This idea of committing to doing something crazy and wonderful, like writing fifty-thousand words of a novel in thirty days, or publishing a new demo song each week for a whole year, or walking a labyrinth at least once a day, or getting a short story … Continue reading Creation: It’s contagious (Project Create)