Summer Arrives

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, summer arrived this past weekend. Depending on where you were, it might have appeared in the form of storms, floods, lightning, wind, heat and humidity, or gentle sunshine and delicate breezes. Here it is, nonetheless, and we mark another turning point in another year in our sojourn on this planet.

two empty chairs lakeside at sunset

long summer evenings

My transit through this year’s longest day included bike rides, meeting neighbors, the farmer’s market, a parade of Dachshunds in costumes, yard sales, a delicious meal made with produce from a friend’s garden (we haven’t quite got our own garden boxes set up yet), delicious junk food (nachos with cheeze from a pump – the yin/yang of life, you know), quiet time alone, noisy time with friends and music, passion, jokes, sitting outside until no light was left in the sky, feeling the warmth of the last dying embers of our first summer fire until my eyes refused to stay open.

There are days that are long because they are full of strife, and days that are long because they are full of living. This was one of the latter, and I’m deeply grateful for it. The peaceful and raucous joy of that day are bookended by knowledge of dear friends and family members facing disease, aging, and loss. (The yin/yang of life, you know.) The long summer days and mild nights are full of blue skies and stars and prayers for them (and us all) to hold on, to know they aren’t alone, to feel companionship and compassion as they transit through their own turning points.


If you are in the Ellensburg area, come visit our author party at Jerrol’s this Saturday, June 28, from 1:30-3:30. I’ll join other terrific local authors; you can get a signed copy of An Alien’s Guide, or win some cool You Jane stuff.  Hope to see you there!


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