When Life Hands You Lemons, Just Add More Cowbell

I don't know why I chose that title, except that it made me giggle. I wanted to write and post this piece a few days ago, after a Friday night spent listening to my friends in Avolition play one of their best sets ever at a local wine shop, Gard Vintners. (It might have been … Continue reading When Life Hands You Lemons, Just Add More Cowbell

Gremlins 0, Music 1

The Fourth of July in the United States is “Independence Day.” So it’s a nice ironic joke to find oneself attacked by the gremlins of loneliness on that day.  (They taunt us, convince us we are doomed to be alone, forgotten, left out, unwanted, now and forever, amen. (There are also Gremlins who whisper and … Continue reading Gremlins 0, Music 1

Just Like Life

A little baseball meditation, and this week's Project Create. (Nearly halfway through the year already - it's going by as fast as a fly ball tailing to right in the Ellensburg wind.) It's the first Saturday in June, and it's Babe Ruth baseball. Blue sky. Green grass. Brown dirt. Wind, because it's Ellensburg, carrying the … Continue reading Just Like Life

Endurance v. Art: And the winner is…

Update: If you were lucky enough to be at the Avolition show on the last Friday night of 2011, you already know. Mike H., Mike N., Andy, Dan, and Rob did themselves, the Demolition 2011 project, and those of us in the audience proud. They played the way we expected them to, with joy and … Continue reading Endurance v. Art: And the winner is…

Write your congressperson

Okay, that's a trick title for this post... although, after reading it, you still might decide to write your congressperson, and I would wholeheartedly support that. But I wanted to warn you, I am going to get on a soap box. (Metaphorically, of course. There is no soap box in my house that would support … Continue reading Write your congressperson

Here’s your chance!

Seattleites and other west-of-the-mountains people, you have a couple of chances to hear great live music to round out your summer. Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs play the Triple Door on Saturday, August 27. Their new album, Alone in This Together (local638records.com)  is stunning... amazing... incredible... well, you pick the superlative you like best and insert … Continue reading Here’s your chance!

Something worth sharing

As I get closer to arranging my work life with more time for creative projects, and less time for paid work (all donations, contributions, alms, etc accepted with deep and humble gratitude, and I'll spend them on something worthwhile, I promise, no really, I will), I find it's important to support other artists who are … Continue reading Something worth sharing